Latino equity and leadership across areas of impact are primary investment considerations

US Latinos must have significant ownership of the business, currently defined as greater than 25% (collectively, if there are multiple Latino co-founders/owners). Most companies in our pipeline will exceed this ownership threshold.

We invest in US Latino entrepreneurs who are operating in the US. Companies can have sales globally, but the source of talent, operational leadership, and thought leadership, for example, should be US-based and consistent with our mission and desired impact.

We prioritize technology-based solutions in key areas of impact

Workforce Development

Strengthening US workforce participation and success, including retraining workers

Healthy Communities

Improving physical, mental, social, and environmental health, through innovation in healthcare services, food production and access, transportation, and the environment

Media and E-Commerce

Capturing the mobile-first driven evolution in media and e-commerce and its effect on economic growth and progress

Educational Attainment

Bolstering the educational tools and journeys of students, educators, and parents and reducing inefficiencies and obstacles in both the access to and cost of education

New Economy Services

Tech-enabling traditional analog businesses and services, small and large; delivering innovative technology to all communities

Financial Advancement

Modernizing and distributing financial solutions to urban and rural communities; challenging traditional banking metrics and approaches

Engineering the Future

Solving large scale challenges for our economy, communities, and environment through research and development and inventions

Data Analytics

Leveraging data to drive efficiencies and positive outcomes for small and large enterprises

Our Criteria

Our investment criteria are consistent with our mission to catalyze the growth and success of US Latino entrepreneurs, close funding shortfalls at the early yet critical stages of development, and, thereby, reduce disparities in income while advancing job creation, wealth generation, educational attainment, and economic progress for all Americans.

Pitch Submission Form


US Latino founder or C-Suite executive.


Collective ownership by Latinos above 25%.
C-Suite executives should have at least 10% ownership.


US organized/incorporated with significant US leadership, operations/presence (i.e. HQ, employees, etc.), and impact. Sales and end-markets can be global.


Seed to Series A, or raising capital for the first time.
If Series A, must be generating notable revenues.

Funding Needs

Actively fundraising with at least $250,000 available in current round.


Technology is either the product or core to the business.

Ability to Scale

Differentiated and competitive product, in a large market, led by a scale-capable team.


The Match-up process is core to our mission of elevating the profiles of Latino entrepreneurs. If selected, entrepreneurs must participate in Match-Up at L’ATTITUDE.


Positively affecting areas such as Workforce Development, Healthy Communities, Educational Attainment, and Financial Advancement, among others.

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